My new project: Ceci n'est pas un "Framework."

Represent a sort of container for a new art form.

A refreshing  first Visual experience.
Based on a new perspective, that let people, look a the concept of "Framework" from  an innovative point of view, possible just with the painting of Transformation one new tech. of painting  that I have invented in 2013.

The objects created by me, with this new tech,  the  "Original Masters Framework-Files" - OMFF - are reunited at the center of the Digital Convergence, and from there, just with 4 click, they could be transformed effortless into the final request, derived them from original to the one chosen from the various possible and multiple final forms.

Following there is a synthetic description of these various final form that - OMFF - can assume:

  •  Video Handmade - Painted freehand - Netflix standard,  with HD Quality and Music.
  • Podcast for TV - Radio - Web.
  • Original  & custom,  fine art  prints.
  •  Multicopy with  prints certificated in limited edition.
  • Printing of very large sizing for advertising -  large as  half basketball court
  • Projection of art Video for the conferences.
  • Projection of art Video outdoor with a cinematographic sizing.
  • To look at the concept of "Framework" from a new perspective for a new type of art Public & Social.

The painting that you will never see

My favorite artist, the one who I self-titled My Master, the one that I like sometimes to refer to, is Francis Bacon 1909-1992, in this work, I try to make it, one of my tent quotes, homage.

The man at the window.

A personal quote; "The man at the windowyou all are, and I am, in short, are we when we look at the world from the screen, in fact, facing a window.

But this paintin still has news to tell you, click on the photo to read the article from my blog.

Read the story of man at the window on my blog, click here !!!

A Possible installation. My Giant Art on stage  at Fhristie's ....  may in two years from now.

Turin a possible luminous installation Projected on the walls of the palace at the right of  Teatre Alfieri in Place Solferino downtown. This is really a big installation, bigger than a half Court of Basketball.

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